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Your home is your castle and it should always look that way. New Look Exteriors strives to provide a wide range of professional cleaning services for your home. Click on each of our services below to learn more about how we can give your home a new look!

House Washing

Maintaining the exterior of your home is crucial to curb appeal and property value. With modern day architecture houses are no longer square; they have many design features that can be difficult to reach. New Look Exterior Cleaning has the training and equipment to wash houses with 2 or 3 levels safely from the ground by using softwash technology, and without the use of ladders we are safer on your property!

Roof Washing

If your asphalt roof has ugly black streaks, then we can HELP! These streaks are nothing more than a form of mold and once it starts, it spreads like crazy, and can lead to early roof replacement! We use a non pressure system for applying cleaning agents to the roof without walking on it. The cleaner does the work, not harmful pressure! After applying the cleaner, it is left to dry and no rinsing is needed. Your roof will show considerable difference at first, but after a soaking rain your roof will look new again! Not to mention the fact it will save you thousands on early roof replacement!

Gutter Cleaning

With a soft brush and a light rinse, our professional grade cleaners can remove the most stubborn grime from gutters!

Concrete/Walkway Cleaning

The real welcome mat to your home or business is the driveway and sidewalk!

Window Washing

We service commercial and residential clients for monthly, annual, and one time window cleaning, interior and exterior. If you’re having a whole house or building washed and worry about soap spotting on windows, then we can add on exterior pure water window cleaning for a small fee.

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Pure water window cleaning is a water filtration method for removing all contaminates, or TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from the water. We simply brush the glass and rinse with pure water, then allow to air dry. Windows will dry spot free and streak free! Since no soap is used, this means no residue, so windows stay cleaner longer!
This service can be provided with or without a house/building wash.

Deck Cleaning

With professional grade cleaners, and low pressure, your deck can be easily cleaned without splintering or furring of the wood

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